Multi Level Marketing MLM

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Multi Level Marketing MLM

Multilevel marketing is a professional script which allows you to start your own online business, more then that you can also use this script for promoting the products. It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. This script will help you to earn money online and you can start your own MLM system. This script is totally based on MLM system.

Do you need a system where you can Do following:
1. Referral Earnings
2. No. of Referals
3. Create packages with renew date/expiry date
4. Charge to join packages or even you can create free packages
5. Track earnings upto level 20
5. Send Notifications to All Users
6. Paypal Gateway to Accept Payments
7. Payza Payment Gateway
8. SOLIDTRUSTPAY Payment Gateway
9. Cash On Delivery Option as payment gateway

MLM Admin Dashboard


1. Login system
2. Signup System
3. Forgot password recovery
4. Referral system
5. Admin panel
6. Pay upto 20 levels to referrals
7. More Security
8. Fast support system
9. Users can earn money
10. Users can send payment request
11. Theme included (No need to design any theme)
12. Easy integration
13. Customized programing
14. Comments system for every code of line
15. Advertisements can be placed on any page, to earn maximum money
16. Profile pages included – Users can update their profiles easily
17. Users can see his/her down line
And several more…

Admin—> created a package for 10$ -> visitor buys a package -> he becomes the member of your website. -> Now when this member refers a visitor and he buys this package under sponsor -> then the referral will be paid (Referral amount would be set by admin) and so on.

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